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Good Healthy Recipes:123

Cereals-These are a major source of carbohydrates and work wonders for kids early morning. Mothers who're still in a hurry can serve their kids a delicious and nutritious bowl of cereals with cold milk. Different flavors available in the market never make you fall short of options.

Looking after your health must be one of your topmost priorities in life if you're to avoid deficiencies and your body is to stay healthy. Many people simply assume eating healthy means abandoning your favourite foods completely and changing your diet from one you quite enjoy to one of lettuce leaves and carrots. This is a misconception and one which greatly reduces the number of people willing to search for a healthier diet, because they simply think it's either as I am now, or lettuce leaves.

Oats/Muesli-Do you need a powerful shot of protein and fiber in the morning? Try some oats or muesli and you'll be pleased to have a bowl on alternate mornings. You can add some fresh fruits and dry fruits to make your breakfast complete. These will give you an occasion to try new flavors everyday so you're not bored of your breakfast and also get a healthy boost every morning.

Eggs-Eggs contain a good portion of protein and energize your body for longer. This means that you need not eat meals repeatedly and less intake of alternate food. You can try various kinds of egg recipes-scrambled eggs, omelet, egg sandwich, egg with milk etc and never get bored with your healthy egg breakfast. Eggs supply your body with a good amount of protein and fiber and are consumed by all age types.

Bacons-This type of meat is healthy even when consumed without rice and is a tasty way to start your day. You can compliment your bacon with a cup of juice and some bread to obtain the right balance of vitamins, protein and carbohydrates. This breakfast option is filling and keeps you going the whole day. There is no need of any kind of preparation and it will not take up much of your time.

Smoothies-Instead of having plain milk, try some new fruitful flavors with delicious smoothies. Having fresh fruits in the morning with milk also help in cleaning the antioxidants from your body. Try new fruits or smoothie recipes for kids and they'll always ask for more every day. Preparing smoothies hardly takes time and provides you with a good break from the eating routine every morning.

Burritos-These can be customized to start your day with a healthy option. Choose the wrap that is whole grain and the filling should have low carbs. Fill it with eggs, low fat sour cream and handful of boiled beans. Eating burritos in the morning's a good idea to start your day with a healthy and tasty meal.

Baked beans on toast-Beans are a good source of potassium and vitamin B. You can put them in between your sandwich bread or simply bake them and have with two slices of toast. Compliment this healthy breakfast recipe with a cup of juice and you feel light, healthy and energetic the entire day.

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